Kangaroo Island

KIbeachKangaroo Island made international news in November last year when the South Australian government proposed to shoot and kill 20,000 cuddly koala bears. Regardless, Kangaroo Island has an abundance of wildlife. Koalas, kangaroos, seals, wallabies, possums, birds and the list goes on and on.


Sunday the 10th of February, we set off for Kangaroo Island. I had hired a Cessna 172 from Aldinga. The flight over was a bit bumpy, but before long we had landed at Kingscote.

ingrid At Kingscote a bloke called Eric met us and gave us our car for the stay: a VW Combi-camper called Ingrid. Nice car for camping, but slightly small in the long run for 3 people.

Our first stop was in Little Sahara. Huge, pristine sand dunes in the middle of the wood. Beautiful. We should have brought a surfboard.

Then on to Seal Bay. There were more seals there than you can poke a stick at. Sorta weird to walk between all the seals playing and fighting, and generally just lazing in the sun.

Then we headed to Hanson Bay for the night. Nice to be able to park you house just at the cliffs to the ocean. It was a powerful view at Hanson Bay.

On the bumpy dirt-road back from Hanson bay we almost stranded. The wire between the gas pedal and the carby snapped. However, I managed to fix it again (after realising that the engine is actually in the back of the Volkswagen).

Next up, the caves at Kelly Hill. Also well worth a look. Most caves have heaps of water running everywhere, but not here. These caves were actually dry.

kitreeThe sea lions on Admirals Arch are also well worth a look, and finding the hidden beach at Stokes Bay was very satisfying. You actually have to sort of walk through the mountain to find it.

The next night we spent at Western River Cove. A more beautiful and tranquil beach is hard to imagine. And the fact that Australians stick gas barbeques everywhere enabled us to have a great dinner.

The next day we took the Cessna up and took a joyflight over the island on our way to the Dudley Peninsula. We saw penguins at Penneshaw before camping at Lashmar conservation camp. Another stunning beach that we spent a day on before flying home.

Kangaroo Island: Well worth it.

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