Flinders Ranges

eirikmarys Australia is a pretty flat continent, but in the middle of South Australia lays Flinders Ranges. A national park with some excellent hiking. This is how we conquered the 1170m high St. Mary’s Peak…

During the Easter weekend we drove up to the Flinders Ranges national park to do some hiking with our friends May-Linn and Maxime (and their friends as well). The weather was perfect, and still quite warm. We even had a full moon at night when we were sitting around the campfire.

maryclimb For South Australia, Flinders Ranges offers pretty good hiking with a view. The trip up to St. Mary’s peak took an entire day, and quite a few blisters. But the view at the top was well worth it.

It was good to sleep in a tent again, but the national park spoiled us with gas barbeques (we had the best food) and toilets etc.

Flinders Ranges is just a 5 hour drive away from Adelaide. It looks like a crater from the top. And a scenic flight over the crater would be well worth it.

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