Sunset Village Camp CD

In 1999 I was staff at a CISV summer village in Perth, Australia. Recently one of the leaders, Rasmus from Denmark, created a facebook group, and now people are trying to remember the good old days (of friendship true). Guess what, I found the Camp CD, and it’s here for download.

Back then I was working for a community radio station in Adelaide, and I liked to play around with recording equipment. During the village I recorded some of the lullabies sessions, and after the village Rasmus took the recordings and burnt some CD’s to those who wanted them. I don’t know how many recieved them, but for those who didn’t I found all the original files. Inclduing the classic Go Banana! (Right click to save the files to your computer).

I also found the CD cover, which I made back then. Here for you to download: CDFRONT.pdf and CDBACK.pdf.


  1. Yawning in the morning
  2. CISV Song
  3. Dam dam di di
  4. Bomfiara
  5. Kiitos
  6. Let’s stand and sing together
  7. Go Banana!
  8. Janita’s laughter
  9. Loud, loud Bang Bang
  10. C.I.S.V
  11. Leaving on a Jetplane
  12. Annie’s Song
  13. Julia’s laughter
  14. I am Australian
  15. The bearsong
  16. I want to linger
  17. It’s time to say Goodnight


  1. Ghostnight prologue
  2. Ghostnight instructions – All languages
  3. Ghostnight instructions – English
  4. Ghostnight epilogue

National night songs

  1. Norway
  2. Sweden
  3. Guatemala
  4. Great Britain
  5. Denmark
  6. Costa Rica – El punto Guanacasteco
  7. USA
  8. Brazil – No tabuleiro da Baiana
  9. New Zealand
  10. Staff
  11. Australia
  12. Germany
  13. Y.M.C.A


  1. Goodnight

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