First bath of the year in Norway

The Easter holidays have turned out with better weather in Oslo than anybody could have hoped for! Thankfully we ditched the planes to head up in the mountains to ski. Instead we are enjoying the Oslo sun and strange heat.

It’s almost like mid-summer, and it’s only mid-April. Are we to thank global warming? It’s been a long and cold winter. I’ve been shoveling snow off the roof of the cabin at Voss – after walking up with snowshoes on. 3m of snow removes the need for a ladder. However, the snow is melting now, and the skiing wouldn’t be very good anyhow.

Tulips in full bloom in Norway spring 2011 (the photo was taken two or three weeks after the plunge in the sea)

Instead we are enjoying the spring in Oslo. It’s almost like summer – just better weather. Bygdøy, Lindøya, Sognsvann, Frognerparken. It’s just a matter of laying down on the grass and enjoying.

And today 22nd April I will write down in my calendar as first sea bath of the season in Norway. It wasn’t warm, but I ducked.

Happy Easter!

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