Jumping out of perfectly good planes

Rushing towards earth at terminal velocity. Yeah! California is heaps of fun. I went to the US to attend my high school reunion, and ended up with my skydiving A-license. Good deal!

The feeling can simply not be described. I don’t know which is the worse part – sitting in the ascending aircraft waiting to leave, or actually jumping out of the thing 12.500 ft over ground.

The friendly people at Skydive Perris took me flying, and within a week I had my license to jump independently.

IMG_0869 There was also time to try out an ultralight aircraft. How these thing can fly is beyond me. The owner also took his precautions. As he told me after I signed the comprehensive disclaimer freeing him of any and all responsibility: “I could pretty much shoot you now, and get away with it.” So there. Ultralights are for fun. And only for fun. But what fun! Cruising only meters above the ground. Ahh….

And to make my flying holiday complete – a small trip in a Cessna 152, to see the San Bernadino mountains from above!

Check out more pictures from the trip;

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